Pejamata Spa

Close your eyes and leave the rest in the hands of our expert therapists.

Pejamata Spa

Indulge in the rejuvenating embrace of our relaxing spa experience

Derived from the Indonesian phrase “pejam mata”, our spa’s name literally translates to “close your eyes”. Allow the gentle curves of the walls to envelop you in a time-forgotten space, with the soothing sound of trickling water quieting your mind, inviting you to close your eyes and fully embrace the tranquil treatment provided by our skilled therapists.

Immerse yourself in the sheer pleasure of your preferred spa treatment or therapeutic massage, culminating in the ultimate relaxation of a languid and sublime herbal bath.

Pejamata Spa

Fully enjoy the soothing treatment

Our spa name is derived from the Indonesian words “pejam mata” which literally means to close one’s eyes. Let the curves of the wall walls and the sound of trickling water still your mind allowing you to close your eyes and fully enjoy the soothing treatment by our skilled therapist.

Surerender yoursefl to the pleasure of an indulgent spa treatment or sooting massage.

Top it Off with a languid and sublime herbal bath.

Spa & Wellness

Body Massage

Pejamata Signature Massage

A combination of Swedish massage and lymphatic drainage massage to energize and stretch the body

Benefits :improves blood and lymphatic circulation, ease tension and increases flexibility


Balinese Massage

A most relaxing massage, perfect for alleviating jetlag. A combination of kneading, thumb stroking and acupressure points massage

Benefits :relaxes body, mind and spirit


Rebalance Massage

A custom massage combination of thumb pressure technique along the acupressure points and deep tissue massage

Benefits :releases muscle tension and improve blood circulation


Foot and Hand Reflexology

A stimulating massage which works on energy lines using pressure points technique on feet, hands, shoulder and neck followed by a soothing scalp massage

Benefits :recharges your energy and boosts your immune system improving overall body health & immune system


Herbal Poultice Massage

A deep heat medicinal muscle treatment using heated poultice made of herbs and applied using Balinese massage technique

Benefits :eases and relaxes muscles and warms the body


Warm Stone Massage

A massage therapy which uses heated smooth stones placed on the body’s energy points

Benefits :improves blood circulation, relieves stress and balances the body


Add On

Body Scrub

Body Wrap



Spa & Wellness

Facial Therapy with Biokos

Refreshing Facial

Cleansing, toner, gentle scrub, mask, eye cream and moisturizer

Basic Facial

Cleansing, toner, gentle scrub, relaxing facial massage, mask, eyes cream and moisturizer


Spa Salon & Nails

Hair Creambath

Hair Shampoo and Dry

Spa Manicure

Spa Pedicure

Nail Polish only (fingers /toes)


Spa & Wellness

Spa Rituals

Deep Relaxation

Foot Ritual — Pampering Foot Massage — Warm Stone massage


Blissful Balance

Foot Ritual — Rebalance Massage — Refreshing Facial


Honeymoon Delight

Foot Ritual — Balinese Massage — Green Tea Scrub and ‘Wrap — Fresh Flower Bath — Infused Green Tea


Me Time Ritual

Foot Ritual — Choice of Massage (Balinese massage or Herbal Poultice massage) — Body Scrub or Body Wrap — Refreshing Facial or Foot massage — Choice of Bath (Milk Bath or Flower Bath or Bubble Bath) — Warm Herbal Drink


Bisma Wine Sensation

Foot Ritual — Pejamata Signature Massage — Grape Body Scrub and Body Wrap — Uplifting Bubble Bath with a Glass of Wine


Bali Serenity

Foot Ritual — Balinese massage — Basic Facial — Hair Creambath or Pedicure


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